The following tables give a short description to common errors. They give hints why they occurred and how to solve them. If you encounter an undocumented error, please contact us or submit an issue with informations, such as the stack trace, configuration, or anything related to the error which could help us to help you.

Code Message Description
1001 Crossing threads in {Stage ID} Two different threads make use of the same stage (given by the error message). As this results in concurrency issues, the configuration must be reconsidered.
1002 sourcePort may not be null connectPorts() must receive valid arguments.
1003 targetPort may not be null connectPorts() must receive valid arguments.
1004 No threadable stages in this configuration. This error occurs if the Configuration holds only one stage or it relies only on custom pipe implementations which were not registered through the registerCustomPipe() method.
1005 Ports may not be reconnected Each port may only be connected once through the connectPorts method.

2000 - Initialization errors

Code Message Description
2001 Expected StartingSignal, but was {Signal name} in {Stage ID}. The given stage receives a signal different than the StartingSignal, even before it is initialized.
2002 {n} invalid port connections were detected. The connection(s) between two or more stages is/are invalid. The incoming elements must be of the type of the input port.
2003 The port {port} of the stage {stage} is not connected with another port. Each input port must be connected with an output port. Output ports, however, can be unconnected.

3000 - Execution errors

Code Message Description
3001 Configuration has already been used. The given Configuration instance has been already been used by another Execution instance. Make sure to create a new Configuration instance for every execution.
3002 Any configuration instance may only be executed once. Every Configuration instance may only be used once to preserve its internal state. Create a new instance for every execution.
3003 {Number} error(s) occurred while execution. Check thrown exception(s). Errors occurred while executing the Configuration. You can check those errors by catching the ExecutionException and calling its getThrownExceptions() method.

4000 - Stage errors

Code Stage Message Description
4001 ObjectProducer numInputObjects must be non-negative. The ObjectProducer should at least create one instance.
4002 InitialElementProducer The given iterable must not be null. The argument must be a valid instance.

Exception classes

Name Description
SuperNotCalledException The super methods onInitializing() and onTerminating() must be called by any overwriting method. Otherwise, this exception is thrown by the framework

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