Release History

Version Date Description
3.1-SNAPSHOT   Nightly build
3.0 26.03.2018 Earl Grey Release
2.1 22.02.2016 Darjeeling Release
2.0 30.09.2015 Camellia Release
1.1.2 12.05.2015 Minor bugfixes for 1.1
1.1.1 06.05.2015 Minor bugfixes for 1.1
1.1 30.04.2015 Black release
1.0 19.12.2014 Assam release

Release 3.1-SNAPSHOT

No changes in this release.

Release 3.0 – 26.03.2018

Type Changes By
Added support for arbitrary scheduling concepts. Fixes 318. chw
Added another scheduling concept: thread pool with task queues. Fixes 210. chw
Introduction of a configuration builder. Fixes 325. Thanks to Sören Henning.
AbstractStage.terminate() renamed to terminateStage(). Fixes 270. ntd
Switched to Java 1.8. Fixes 311. chw
Removed NotEnoughInputException and returnNoElement(). Fixes 313. chw

Release 2.1 – 22.02.2016

Type Changes By
Introduced error codes. Fixes 163. ntd
Configuration can now be executed from command line. Fixes 247. ntd
Port connections can be validated before the execution of a configuration. Fixes 11. ntd
New Concept: Task farm enables an automatic stage duplication. Fixes 178. Thanks to Christian Claus Wiechmann.
Enable monitoring of pipe instances. Fixes 162. Thanks to Christian Claus Wiechmann.
Renamed AbstractCompositeStage to CompositeStage and made it non-abstract. ntd
Renamed TextLine to TextLineContainer. ntd
Renamed Distributor strategies. Fixes 245. ntd
Method declareActive() was moved to the class Stage. Fixes 222. ntd
Pipe classes were renamed. Fixes 209. ntd
Reduced the visibility of AbstractStage.onSignal() to package private. Fixes 260. ntd
Reduced the visibility of the class NotEnoughInputException to package private. Fixes 240. ntd
Various code quality improvements.
Removed IPipeFactory Fixes 232. ntd

Release 2.0 – 30.09.2015

Type Changes By
New concept: composite stages. Fixes 93. ntd
New concept: TeeTime automatically chooses the correct type of pipe for all connections. Fixes 33. ntd
Added capacity to IPipe. Fixes 207. chw
Added the ability to add ports to a merger at runtime. Fixes 197. chw
Added the ability to add ports to a distributor at runtime. Fixes 172. chw
Threads can be added at runtime. Fixes 183. chw
Configurations can only be executed once. Fixes 195. ntd
Ports can be named for better debugging. Fixes 165. ntd
Stages without any input port are automatically executed in a dedicated thread. ntd
Configurations are now built within the Configuration class. This removes any constraints on CompositeStages and enables therefore multiple connections and multithreading in such stages. Fixes 171. ntd
All stages will be initialized before starting the analysis. Fixes 154. ntd
Threads can be named for better debugging. Fixes 122. ntd
Exceptions within the initialization will now terminate the execution. Fixes 170. ntd
Added Services. Any Execution can now be aborted. Fixes 211. ntd
Merged Stage into AbstractStage. Fixes 224. ntd
Merger and Distributor strategies are moved to a separate package. Fixes 189. chw
TerminatingExceptionListener is now the default listener. Fixes 185. ntd
Removed addThreadableStage and replaced it by AbstractStage.declareActive(). Fixes 174. ntd
Renamed Analysis to Execution. ntd
Removed InitializingSignal. Fixes 217. ntd
Removed pair class. ntd

Release 1.1.2 – 12.05.2015

Type Changes By
Solved a bug in the merger stage. Fixes 151. Thanks to Nils C. Ehmke. chw

Release 1.1.1 – 06.05.2015

Type Changes By
Solved a bug which led to a NullPointerExceptions. Fixes 151. Thanks to Nils C. Ehmke. ntd
Removed deprecated methods. Fixes 102. ntd

Release 1.1 – 30.04.2015

Type Changes By
New concept: exception handling incl. Wiki tutorial. Fixes 32. ntd
New concept: unit test framework for testing a single stage. Fixes 107. Thanks to Nils C. Ehmke.
New class: AbstractTransformation; Represents a stage with a single input and a single output port. chw
New class: AbstractFilter; Represents a stage with a single input and a single output port of the same type. chw
Analysis.start() is now deprecated. Use Analysis.execute() instead. Fixes 92. ntd
Renamed Stage.executeWithPorts() to Stage.executeStage(). Fixes 120. Thanks to Arne J. Salveter.
Removed IterableProducer. Use InitialElementProducer instead. Fixes 112. ntd
Updated dependencies. Fixes 141. chw
Jar is not only published via the Central Maven Repository, but also via our CI server Jenkins. Fixes 72. ntd
#143 Null values can block the analysis. Fixes 143. chw
#109 Minor bug in ObjectProducer stage. Fixes 109. ntd
#75 Signal passing is incorrect. Fixes 75. ntd

Release 1.0 – 19.12.2014

Type Changes By
Created a new site to promote TeeTime. Fixes 66. ntd
Initial release of TeeTime.

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