If you want to participate in the development, feel free to contact us.

Access to source code

You can also download the source code from our Git repository. Following URL’s will give you read-only access to our server:




Last, but not least, TeeTime is also available on GitHub.


If you contribute, please follow our guidelines to comply to our quality standards.

Git guidelines

  • To update a branch, use the code commands fetch and rebase in this order.

  • Create a new branch for every code modification you want to perform.

  • Contribute your changes and fixes by using the merge request function in GitLab.

  • Last, but not least, participate in discussions within our issue tracking system.

Issue tracking

  • Create a ticket for every major bug.

  • Comment on tickets you are working on and let others know what you are doing.

  • Describe the issue in a short but understandable way.

  • Use Tags for tickets, which fit the issue and mark bugs as solved.


If you are using TeeTime and run into problems, consider to report the issue or contact us. Every reported issue can help to improve TeeTime.

We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

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