1. Create a branch named release.
  2. Remove the -SNAPSHOT suffix from the version number in the pom.xml.
  3. Adapt change log file src/changes/changes.xml.
  4. Execute the Jenkins job teetime-release to build and to deploy the site (on github) and the project (on maven central).
  5. Login on sonatype to move the new uploaded version from the auto-generated repository to the release repository (a.k.a. maven central) by
  6. clicking on Staging repositories on the right side bar,
  7. selecting the auto-generated repository, and
  8. clicking on the copy (?) button (auto-drop should be enabled).
  9. Tag the commit and push it.
  10. Merge the release branch into the master.
  11. Delete the release branch.
  12. Create a Github release for TeeTime.
  13. Switch to the master branch.
  14. In the pom.xml, increment the version number.
  15. Add the -SNAPSHOT suffix to the version number.
  16. Commit and push the master branch.

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