The P&F configuration usually triggers its termination by itself when all of the data source stages (in short: producers) have finished their work. A producer indicates its end of processing by invoking a particular termination method. See Write you own Producer for more information on that method.

Since the associated termination condition is very specific for the actual producer, the corresponding stage developer must explicitly define when the producer should terminate itself. The following termination process is then handled automatically by the framework. If a producer has finished its work, it propagates a termination signal through the whole P&F configuration, just like with the validation and start signal. Upon reception of the termination signal, the particular stage performs its individual termination logic. For example, a stage could close a connection to a remote database. If all of the stages of a thread have executed their termination procedure, the corresponding thread terminates itself. In this way, the scheduler ensures an automatic and graceful termination.

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