TeeTime is a Pipe-and-Filter (P&F) Framework, currently available for Java (see below) and C++ (see on Github).

It provides support for the modeling and the execution of P&F architectures. In particular, it features…

  • many primitive and composite ready-to-use stages

  • a type-safety way to develop and connect stages

  • no(!) single-threaded overhead

  • only a minimal multi-threaded overhead

  • threads can be assigned to stages arbitrarily

  • automatic thread assignment**

  • enhanced software patterns**

  • and many more…

2. Build from Source

To build TeeTime, you need an existing Maven installation and at least the JDK 1.7.

After downloading TeeTime, simply execute mvn install -DskipTests and you are good to go! If you just want to build it, use mvn jar:jar.

3. Using the Framework

The following articles explain how to use the framework.
You will learn step by step how to write your own architectures and how to extend it.

  1. Implementing your own P&F architecture
  2. How to terminate a running P&F architecture
  3. Ready-to-use Stages
  4. Writing your own Stage
  5. Writing a Unit Test for a Stage
  6. Exploit Parallelism*
  7. How to handle Exceptions*
  8. Provided Patterns*/**

* Advanced features (for advanced users)
** In development

4. Problems and issues

If you encounter problems, feel free to contact us.
For descriptions on common errors consult our errors article.
Please remember that TeeTime is being continually developed. Nevertheless, we are thankful for any bug reports or suggestions.

5. Contributing to this Project

6. Project Management

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